Path of Exile Test In The Fall of Oriath

More story, more territories, more quests, more bosses, more skills, more items, more FPS, more ease of use and a German version!

And that's more true than ever, because The Fall of Oriath has it all!

Out Of Wraeclast, In To Wraeclast

Most recently, our adventure in Path of Exile included four story files. Once they were played through, the fun started again, only on a harder level of difficulty. If we put that behind us as well, it went to the final, highest difficulty level, then the Endgame followed over the Atlas of Worlds.

With the start of the expansion, the difficulty levels fell away. From now on there's a whopping ten story files to play through, at the end of which, as always, the atlas waits. Yes, the story content of the game has just been more than doubled! Granted, that does not work without "recycling", but we'll get to that soon.

After the events of the four "old" acts, we finally leave our exile and return to Oriath. Since we knocked out Obertempler Dominus, hell is going on there. The mob and the slaves covet and engage in open battles with the Templars.

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As we get fully involved and want to give the oppressors the ultimate rubdown, they summon up some of the most devoured, ancient deities. As announced in the title of the expansion, Oriath is flattened and we go back to Wraeclast to do what any sensible hero would do if his world is plagued by evil gods.

Everything Has Consequences

Back in Wraeclast, we experience the consequences of our actions from the first four acts. NPCs who asked for our help in the past have gone nuts and gone. Minibuses that we once blew are haunting as nasty, souped-up zombies. A settlement that previously served us as a player hub is suddenly a bandit camp. At the Twilight Beach, where our adventure once began in the main game, undead noblemen from Oriath roam about.

And what happens to the landscape when you kill a creature as huge as a mountain and leave the carcass to rest for a while? Then the extension provides an answer, packed in great new quests.

Mighty new weapons and pieces of armor beckon as a reward. There's also a new killer soundtrack. Strictly speaking, most of the areas of Oriath are not really new, but most areas are barely recognizable on the second visit.

Completely new monsters, new vegetation and weather effects, brand new quests and really fat new boss monsters - not only at the end of the chapter, but also hidden in minor areas. Finding and knocking down these critters is worth more than ever.

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