Small Tips You Need Do For Playing Path Of Exile

Characters and heroes of the game.

There are 6 main characters in the game, each of which contains 3 different types of Classes while Scion can be found in Act 3.

Each character has its own characteristic. For example, my personal experience of the Ranger character was a key figure in most games of this genre, but it is called Archer. This character enjoys a large number of skills in addition to the speed of strikes and speed of movement in addition to escape skills.

Skill Points

One of the most important features that impressed me in the game is the skill tree. It is a very special system where the game gives you a point whenever you raise the level of character and you must open a point of your choice in the skills tree.

The skill tree has thousands of skill points that you can choose from alternately for your character.

To learn more about the Skill Tree and build skills from this page you can try adding and learning skill points (Skill Tree)


The game consists of 4 types of Magic in purple, Rare in yellow, Unique in red, Normal in white. It is the lowest quality in Normal / Magic in blue magic, which is the highest degree of Normal / Rare in yellow and is the highest quality of the Magic / Unique is the orange is the highest quality in the game and the most beautiful.

Each piece contains a so-called socket and the color and number of sockets vary in each piece. You can change the number of Sockets and Luna in the Widgets of the so-called ORB.

Skills & Gem

There are three types of gym in the game. (Red / Green / blue). The IC is installed in the item pieces inside the Socket of the same color. Each gem role in some of them is the addition of skills or skill, some of which is suport gem This type of Gem is the role of the assistance of other chemicals within the segment of the images.

Keyboard shortcuts and control mode

You can change the control buttons in the game through the game settings. Scales 1,2,3,4,5. The use of blood bottles and manna Q, W, E, R, T

S - List of Friends / Create a team or Barty / Watch and join the teams or Barty "People do the same tasks"
U - to open the map and identify the required tasks within the map currently in place
Tab - to explore the map in place
O or Esc - to open the game settings to control the quality of graphics / control of the gameplay and change and a lot of control settings
i - Open the bag
Z - Show and hide the names of pieces of Items lying on the ground
P - Skill Tree Skill Tree
C - Personal presentation of strengths and capabilities
B - matches pvp
M - Shop Game Shop.
$ - Code of Funds You can write after pressing Inter to write in a sales conversation between players

Tasks and discovery maps

Discover the map. Open the WAYPOINT points. The following image explains the mission map.

WAYPOINT - A travel point that allows you to travel within the game from one place to another

This is for basic maps in the game. But there are very many maps are collected from the level of 60 These maps known as Atlas maps of the world and are very many different and difficult and advantages.

Request help in ending difficult tasks

One of the most important features I saw in the game is the possibility of entering with other players to carry out difficult missions or to kill the big monsters


This is one of the most important things that impressed me in the game, it does not distinguish very much between those who pay money and those who do not pay. They do not sell Items definitively !! You can only buy through their shop or skin shapes to change the shape of clothes, weapons or buy a pet

To open the store press M

For more information about the store and the introduction, you can access the official game page from here


ORB stones are the currency in the game in which you can buy items or exchange items with other players through Chat Trade. You can get them from the monsters or work farm .. Here we will review the types of ORBs stones and functions.

Chaos Orb
The official currency in the game is number one. the most wanted . You can replace them by cutting the Itames symbolized in Trade C. It is used to get new stats for cutting Items

Exalted Orb
Symbolized in the game EX is the strongest currency in the game you can buy it from other players. But the ban is worth a lot of 85 Chaos Orb PoE. It is used to upload RARE statistics. It is the best to prepare a distinctive Items

Blessed Orb
2 You can get it for Chaos Orb, which specializes in raising the efficiency of iTunes and adjust its settings.

Divine Orb
Distinctive to enhance the efficiency of blue, magic or RARE or Unique

Jeweller's Orb
Change the number of Sockets in the Item (luck stroke) from 1 to 6

Orb of Alteration
It changes the plugins and statistics of the type of magic

Orb of Chance
Uploads it's type to magic, RARE or Unique with some additions

Orb of Fusing
It converts the bonding path between the gem and is very useful for placing a suport gem that helps other gems

Orb of Scouring
You delete all additions from iTunes and restore to Normal

Regal Orb
To increase the efficiency of the blue-type of the magic type to RARE and add new statistics

Orb of Regret
Make you have the ability to restore skill points

Chromatic Orb
Specializing in changing the color of Sukit in all kinds of Itmz.

Blacksmith's Whetstone
Raise the quality of the weapon. You can add on weapons to raise quality. Up to 20%

Armorer's Scrap
Raise the quality of the Armors type Armour you can add on the clothes to raise the quality. Up to 20%

The most important features of the game Path of Exile Online

  • Graphic and graphics of an unbelievably high quality.
  • The most powerful reincarnation games of characters type online
  • System of competition between PVP players. You can play 1 against 1 or 3 against 3
  • Different levels of difficulty challenge players
  • Chat / alliance / Barty / friends / missions wonderful and varied / Event
  • Many different and different things that distinguish between this game and the other games of the same kind
  • 6 different characters in addition to 3 different classes for each character
  • Buying and selling ITEMS and succession through the Chat for sale
  • Download the whole game and play for free without any fees


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