Path Of Exile Guide For Setting Up Flask

Potion played an important role in survival, so we want to explain about Flask. Since I often think about setting up Flask a lot, I would like to summarize things as far as I know.

What is a flask?
In many games it is a consumable recovery agent, but in this work Flask plays its role.
Flask is a "bottle" whose contents are replenished each time you defeat an enemy. Wonder technology of the penal colony.
And the effectiveness of the contents will change with Flask. Although it crosses over a wide range.

Types of Flask
Super-roughly speaking, there are two types of "directly recovering / not doing".

Those that recover directly
Life Flask: I will gradually recover Life.
Mana Flask: Recover Mana gradually.
Hybrid Flask: Recover Life and Mana at the same time, gradually.
It is a so-called recovery agent.
Although Hybrid can recover both in one bite, recovery amount and use frequency are inferior to those of individual one.

Those which do not recover directly
Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Amethist, Bismuth: Improve attribute registry.
Granite, Jade, Quartz, Basalt, Aquamarine: Improve defense system parameters.
Quicksilver, Silver, Diamond: Improve parameters other than defense system.
Stibnite, Sulfur: Extract special fields to the periphery.
It is not a recovery agent but a utility like a doping agent.
A guy who does not drink obviously is included, but let's not care because it is an exile place.

I think that it is better to put 2 to 3 recovery directly into the Flask frame with 5 slots, and put the utility in the rest.

Regarding recovery amount
In talking about recovery volume, we will introduce one indicator.
Seconds recovery amount (Heal Per Second, HPS).
As you have already seen, Flask is written with recovery amount and duration.
In other words, how much it recovers per second is important.

There are two types of recovery in the exiled site.
Although it recovers only a little, what to recover quickly (small amount and high speed)
Recovery is slow but in total there are a lot of things to recover (lots of slow speed)

Flask recovering directly stops recovery at that point when it recovers to its maximum.
If you introduce a type that recovers quickly when you get slight damage little by little,
It is conceivable that much of the recovery amount is wasted.
On the contrary, if you have only flasks of a relaxed recovery type, when suddenly suffered heavy damage
You will fall into a situation where the return will not make it.
It is necessary to consult with the maximum amount of Life of the character etc and think about what is the best.
(The circumstances around here will also change with the qualifier effect of Flask.

About Flask's modifier
It is this qualifier group that makes squash convenient and troublesome.
Flask also has Normal and Magic, and qualifiers are attached one by one with prefix and suffix.
(There is no Rare, but there is a Unique Flask with a very twisting effect)

Change amount of recovery. Smaller speed up, or slow down a lot. Including "instant recovery" for speeding up.
Charge relationship. Charge Increase in recovered amount / maximum value and decrease in Charge consumption during use.
Change duration. Instead of increasing the effect time reduction, or vice versa. This is attached to the Flask not recovering.
Grant additional effect. During the Flask effect time, in addition to the original effect, we will give you the improvement of the defense ability and the invalidation of the state abnormality, etc.
Distribution to minions. Part of the effect of Life Flask is shared with your Minion. For summoners.

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