Path Of Exile Can Be One Of The Free Games That Sweep In 2018

Despite being a game of 2013, Path of Exile is still in great shape. The title received at the end of 2017 the War of Atlas expansion, giving a fresh air to its development with a large amount of new content. This Action RPG is a free-to-play of those who engage and is ideal for all those users who enjoy titles like Diablo. Without a doubt, it can be one of the free games that sweep in 2018.

Path of Exile is a game that is very similar to the Diablo games. Players are offered a choice of different classes, including the Witch, Ranger, Marauder or Scion. Gamers can also customize their character according to their wishes via a skill tree.

In Path of Exile, players can choose from different classes to play with. These can be adjusted with skills in the field of strength and defense. Different missions can be played and PoE items can be collected in the world.

Players will not benefit from anyone who does not spend money on microtransactions. Path of Exile gold is not available as currency. All trades are based on items.

The hack and slash game was developed and published by Grinding Gear Games, a team of hardcore gamers. The game became available on steam in 2013 and has more than 49,000 positive reviews with an 8.6 as Metacritic rating.


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