The PoE Scion Faces Her Ultimate Battle Atop The Sceptre Of God

Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world. Playing as one of seven unique character classes, players find themselves banished for their past misdeeds to the world of Wraeclast. There, they encounter hundreds of species of deadly enemies laden with loot and mysterious artifacts as they explore the abandoned continent. In this article, we'll talk about the last class - Scion.

The daughter of corrupt nobles, the Scion was exiled to Wraeclast for killing her husband on her wedding night. She is aligned with all three core attributes - Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, which places her right in the center of our passive skill tree. She's not a starting character because she starts with no specialty and isn't suggested for new players.

Unlock Scion

Scion is the seventh and the last character class, which can by unlocked by completing the main quest-line with one of the existing heroes. Do note that talking to the Scion is the only requirement to unlock her. You do NOT have to beat the final boss to use her. If you really wanted, you could unlock her, quit the game, and start over using her without ever beating the game once. 

Towards the end of Act III (the final act), you will head to an area called "The Scepter of God." This is the area that literally leads to the final boss of the game. Right before said final boss of the game, there is a stairway leading up to him. At the base of this staircase, there is a woman locked in a steampunk looking testing-jail cell type device. Open this up and the Scion is inside. You'll see a yellow exclamation mark above her head. Talk to her, listen to her story, receive the freedom achievement, and now you can play as the Scion. After having a conversation with her, you can select Scion for a new game in character creation menu.

Scion Building

Initially, her skill points are equally divided between strength, agility, and intelligence, which makes her a really versatile character. Her ability to use just about everything, whether its ranged, melee, or spellcasting, is what makes unlocking it worth the effort as a whole new world of possibilities in terms of character builds and ways of playing. This allows you to develop the cute blonde in any way you fancy.

This unique position allows her to develop into almost any type of character build, while lacking the dedicated specialisation that our six existing classes offer. The great thing about the Scion prestige class is her unparalleled versatility, which lets players make up a whole ton of builds in various configurations and purposes in different ranges and damage delivery methods. Because of her high learning curve, she's initially unavailable to new players. They must play through Path of Exile's Normal Difficulty (in any league) to unlock her as an accessible character. Her starting skill is Spectral Throw.

For a melee Scion, some of the best builds for Scion include the use of Cyclone and Dual Strike, like that for Marauder and Duelist. With ranged builds, she can be played like a Ranger or bow Shadow. Many builds make use of Bow-Split Arrow, some with Frenzy for the charges and extra critical damage. Bow-Piercing is also viable due to the multiple attack possibilities like using Flame Arrow or other gems for more versatility, as well as Bow-Poison Arrow for those added effects. Finally, there's Spectral Throw that some have found to be a top build for using a bow with the Scion. 

Then there's the spellcasting Scion that can prove to be a match for the Witch builds that so many players love so much. Many of these builds center around the use of Cast on Critical Strike, also known as CoC. When you hit a critical strike with an attack skill, you get another spell cast for almost free, which makes for some devastating results. Most CoC builds link it to Discharge for more damage to surrounding enemies, which is a very effective way for clearing screens full of monsters while using attacking skills like Cyclone or Spectral Throw to trigger it. 

There are also tons of other spellcasting builds like those using Cold Snap, Detonate Dead, Ethereal Knives, Incinerate, and so on with devastating results. They're mostly about casting AOE damage through various ways and reaping rewards from it. There are some though that are more on summoning for some cheap meat shields for survivability and creative ways to deliver damage over a wide area. 

In addition to these, there are more builds for the Scion that unlock various creative ways to play the character, making this class and Path of Exile such a compelling game in the long run. More news and tips that may be released for "Scion" should be made available in the near future. Follow U4GM on social media and look for the news page for the latest PoE news and PoE currency.


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