Path Of Exile Skills Flesh Out Your Character

Path of Exile on PC is a Hack'n Slash MMO from Grinding Gear Games. The app offers to engulf you in a post-apocalyptic universe terribly dark and to advance your character, alone or accompanied by a few comrades. Opting for a free-to-play business model, Path of Exile obviously offers items and Boost that can be obtained with real money, however, the game can be fully covered without paying a dime.

There were 6 classes planned at launch before: Templar, Duelist, Shadow, Witch, Marauder, Ranger. However GGG added a 7th class, the Scion, to round out the already staggering amount of variation in class combinations available. Each class starts at its corresponding class node, with the Scion starting in the middle, and uses passive skill points accrued from leveling up and some quests to begin their personal descent into the madness that is creating a viable endgame build. These skills flesh out your character helping you with anything from adding stats, to powerful skills like Blood Magic, which enables you to no longer use mana, instead using your health pool for attacks. This all may seem like too much at first glance but, upon some study, it makes your possibilities endless. 

The character progression feels new and rewarding, a feat for an action RPG. The transparency of the sphere-grid allows you to look ahead and plan your progress. The gems level up with you, giving you a constant stream of mini-rewards. In fact, the sphere-grid and skill gems are so enjoyable that it seems unbelievable that no one has added them to an action RPG before.

Characters aren't awarded skills just from gaining levels; they gain them from socketing skill gems. Weapons and armor will drop with sockets in them.  These sockets can be colored blue, red, or green, which correspond with the colors of the skill gems. Skill gems can only be socketed into a slot of their color. The sockets will also be randomly linked to each other on pieces of gear, which allow support gems to modify skill gems. Support gems are gems are gems that, when put into a piece of gear with linked sockets, can augment the original skill. In total there are over 100 skill gems total, with more being added pretty frequently. With end-game armor having up to 6 sockets, there are a vast array of gem combinations.

Path of Exile has a microtransaction store, but the store only contains cosmetic items. (Turning your fireballs into dragon faces, special pets, making your sword glow, etc.) As of writing this review there is not a single purchasable item that would give one an edge in game play; they even resisted selling temporary XP, gold, and magic-find boosting items. The closest it gets is extra room in your stash, but the default stash already comes with a generous amount of space. This is truly free to play without a shred of “pay to win”.

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