Path Of Exile Will Release More Exact Details Of Skill Revamp

Have you enjoyed promotions on Diablo 3? In that case, it's time to go back to the Path of Exile, which is planning something very big for June.

With the next addition, we'll get a total revamp of some of the skills that the Grinding Gear Games think do not work as they should. It's all about such games / skills that exist only on paper and which no one uses today. It is in them that the necessary changes will take place so that these gems will go back into circulation and again be used in builds.

For what fun it is, if the Path of Exile has more than 100+ skills, and most people use only 20-30 of them. Senselessness.

Another change that we will see in patch 3.3.0 will be new skill combinations (something like Essence Drain + Contagion), which will unlock completely new styles of fun. Unprecedented so far in the Path of Exile.

A bit vague, but this is only the first in a series of articles. In the following weeks we will learn the exact details of "Skill Revamp".

However, you must admit that thanks to this treatment the June supplement promises to be even better.


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