The Most Popular Characters In The Path Of Exile

We got another statistic from the Path of Exile. New Zealanders from Grinding Gear Games boasted about which subclasses are most popular during the Bestiary League (after 70+ lvl, which is the unofficial beginning of the end-game).

The biggest attraction is Juggernaut (Marauder's sub-player), which is a very strong and very durable tanker that will survive the biggest raid. A lot of people also choose Hierophanta (Templar from Totem and Mana) and Necromancer (Witch subclass), which surrounds dozens of minions.

In turn the fewest people choose ... Elementalista (this surprise) and Guardian, which is a typical Support and which does not have great firepower.

The statistics on the 90+ character of the lvl and the characters on the Hardcore league look similar, although the advantage of Juggernaut, Hierophanta and Necromanera over the rest of the rate is even greater.

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