The New League In Path Of Exile Allows Players To Capture

The new league in Path of Exile allows players to capture, show off and sacrifice monsters. One speaks already of a "Pokemon update."

The free Action RPG Path of Exile goes into the next round. With the new feature, players are able to capture monsters and sacrifice them for making strong weapons and armor.

Challenge Leagues keep the content fresh

The leagues in Path of Exile represent "worlds" in which a character is on the move. A character can not simultaneously join two different leagues or communicate with characters outside of their own league.

The Bestiary and Hardcore Bestiary League are Challenge Leagues designed to introduce and test new content to the players.

They also freshen up Path of Exile with new items.

Challenge leagues are limited in time and usually take three to four months. In addition, these leagues have special tasks, the Challenges, which can be completed to get more rewards.

After the end of a temporary league, the characters who participated in it are not deleted, but transferred to one of the permanent leagues.

Sacrifices monsters for items

With the Bestiary League, Grinding Gears Games introduces NPC Einhar Frey, who will help players become true hunters. The fishing nets can be purchased from him.

Monsters that can be captured have a specific icon next to their name.

The captured monsters are marked as such in the Bestiarium log and then transported to the menagerie.

There the player has the choice for what he wants to use the beasts, because by sacrificing the monsters on the Blood Altar you get access to the "Beastcrafting".

This feature allows the player to create new items or modify old ones. Or to compete against the over-elder, if one feels the desire to kill a deity.

In addition to the normal critters, there are also special legendary monsters that have more HP and strength. These are needed for special beastcrafting recipes.

To catch a monster, you need a bit of skill next to a net, because the less HP a monster has, the higher the likelihood that it can be caught quickly.

Grinding Gear is also running a test to see how well monster trading works:

"We want to make sure community trading pages can handle these new items and test them enough when we're ready to release them for trading."

The interest of the players was awakened

With the concept of Bestiary League Grinding Gears seems to have hit the nerve of the community.

The launch of the league was, according to their own statement, the most successful launch since the release of the game.

Even queues formed when logging in, albeit none too long.

Further changes in patch 3.2.0

The bestiary and catching monsters are not the only new features that came with the 3.2.0 update.

Grinding Gears also made the following changes:

The Ascendancy classes have been completely redesigned to better balance them.
Added 30 new Fated items.
Added 3 new gems: Summon Spectral Shield, Tectonic Strike, and Phantasm on Kill.
Added 10 new divination cards.
A new quest made available in Act 10.


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