Path Of Exile - Changing Skills And Mechanics Of Traps

Recently, the developers of the action / RPG Path of Exile told fans of the project about a major update, which will significantly change the various skills. Thus, skills rarely used by players will be recycled or new mechanics will be acquired, which will allow them to "breathe a second life into them." 

In the new issue of his blog, the team decided to talk about a change in the system of traps, including the recycling of Fire Trap, Bear Trap and Lightning Trap. For example, Fire Trap and Lightning Trap no longer have a cooldown, which allows them to be used independently of other traps. In addition, the updated version of the fire trap will allow you to burn your enemies with additional damage and burn the ground under their feet. 

The bear trap will impose a debuff on the enemies to increase the damage from other traps and mines, and may itself cause severe damage to the target that has fallen into it. Two of these factors can make it a powerful tool in battles with bosses. 

It is worth noting that while all these changes are at the stage of development and testing, so the team is not ready to provide more accurate information, but now such a revamp looks promising.


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